Lost & found

It is all too easy to leave behind items on a train, bus, tram or on a seat at the station. For some people, it happens rarely; for others, more often. But it's always sad when a favourite soft toy, umbrella, phone or other valuable possession goes missing.

We are here to help you find your lost property

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You can contact the VVO hotline team at 03 51 / 852 65 55, and they will be glad to help.

They will put you in touch with the relevant contact person at the location where the lost property was handed in.

Would you like to get in touch directly with the transport company?

Do you already know which transport company operates the line on which you lost an item? Then you can enquire directly with the transport company in question.

Out and about in Dresden city traffic

Trams and buses

Did you lose something on one of Dresden's yellow public transport vehicles? Please contact the DVB staff.

Lost property is stored at the transport depots or at the DVB customer service centre for a maximum of one working day. After that, lost property is handed over to the city lost property office.

The lost property office in Dresden can be reached here: 

  • Opening hours
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday: 9am–6pm
    Wednesday: closed
    Thursday: 9am–6pm
    Friday: 9am–12pm
  • Telephone business hours
    Monday: 1–3pm
    Wednesday: 1–3pm

Travelling on trains owned by...

Deutschen Bahn (alle S-Bahnen sowie RE 15, RE 18, RE 19, RB 31, RB 33, RB 50, RB 71, RB 72)

Did you leave something behind in a Dresden S-Bahn or a regional train? Please contact

Logo der Deutsche Bahn AG

  • DB information at Dresden Hauptbahnhof (main station)
    Phone: 03 51 / 461 10 55

or the

  • Lost Property Desk (Fundstelle) at the Dresden Main Station
    Phone: 03 51 / 461 3232
    Email: fundstelle.dresden@deutschebahn.com
    Tuesday and Friday: 12–6pm

You will receive an enquiry form which you can fill out with the assistance of the DB staff. Your search request will be registered in the DB central lost-and-found database and a search will be conducted for your item for four weeks.

Long-distance travel

Deutsche Bahn provides a Germany-wide lost property hotline:

  • Phone: 0900 199 05 99
    (59 cents/min. from German landlines, prices may differ for mobile phones)
    Monday to Saturday: 8am–8pm
    Sunday/holidays: 10am–8pm

You can also report your lost property online:


Please note that there is a charge for the Deutsche Bahn lost property service. A processing fee will be charged. The amount depends on the type of retrieval (pick-up or delivery) and the period of storage. Pick-up from the lost property desk at the Dresden Hauptbahnhof (main station) costs 5 euro.

Items found in trains owned by Deutsche Bahn AG are stored for a maximum of 7 days at the lost property desk. After that, items estimated to have a value of over 15 euro are sent to the lost property centre in Wuppertal. The lost property is stored for 70 days and then offered for sale in regular public auctions or disposed of properly.


Mitteldeutschen Regiobahn (RE 3, RB 30, RB 45)

Did you leave something behind in one of the Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (MRB) trains? Please contact

Further information

trilex (RB 60, RB 61, RE 1, RE 2)

Did you lose something on a Länderbahn (regional railway) train? Please use the online contact form and briefly describe the lost item.

  • trilex – ein Angebot der Länderbahn
    Die Länderbahn GmbH (DLB)

Online contact form:

Travelling around the region

The bus companies’ service centres are the point of contact if you have lost something. When the drivers finish their shift, or the next working day, anything which has been found is taken to the nearest service centre.

So please contact the relevant customer centre.

Müller Busreisen GmbH

Did you travel with Müller Busreisen and leave something behind in the bus? Any lost property remains in the bus until Friday and is then stored at the field office.

Please contact the Müller Busreisen staff and arrange a pick-up appointment. Alternatively, it may be possible to have your property delivered to a particular line.


  • Müller Busreisen
    OT Langenwolmsdorf
    Stolpner Straße 4
    01833 Stolpen
    Phone: 03 59 73 / 226-18
    Fax: 03 59 73 / 226 15

Further information

Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH (RVSOE)

Were you travelling in the Saxon Switzerland or the East Ore Mountains and left something behind in a RVSOE bus after your excursion?

Please use the online contact form

Or contact

Logo der RVSOE - Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH

Regionalbus Oberlausitz GmbH (RBO)

Were you travelling on one of the Oberlausitz Regionalbus buses and left something behind in the bus?

Please contact the Bautzen customer service office.

Satra Eberhardt GmbH (Satra)

Were you travelling with Satra Eberhardt GmbH and left something behind in the bus? 

Please contact scheduling.

Verkehrsgesellschaft Hoyerswerda (VGH)

Were you travelling on one of the VGH buses in Hoyerswerda and left something behind in the bus? All lost property is registered and stored at the depot (Straße B Nr.8 in Hoyerswerda).

Please contact VGH.

Verkehrsgesellschaft Meißen mbH (VGM)

Were you travelling in the Elbeland on a bus owned by the Meißen transport company and left something behind?

Please contact one of the service centres in Meißen, Riesa or Großenhain.