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The Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO) and the 12 Partner transport companies provide modern local transport for residents and visitors to the region. The VVO area is 4,800 km² and, besides the capital, Dresden, includes the districts of Meissen, Saxon Switzerland/ Eastern Ore Mountains and the western part of the Bautzen district.

One ticket. Travel on everything.

Every year these companies transport over 200 million passengers on over 300 routes between some 3,800 stops, by bus, tram, local train and ferry.

The VVO's objective is to make it as easy as possible to use local public transport. We improve bus and rail connections, and we provide a standardised tariff system, information that is easy to understand, and a customer-friendly service. Together with the Free State of Saxony, the communes and many partners, we build park-and-ride areas, modernise stops and stations, and regard ourselves as a mediator between the passengers, companies and politicians.   

The ZVOE Association and the VVO

The Upper Elbe Transport Association (Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe - ZVOE) was founded on 17th January 1994. The Z-VOE members are the districts of Meißen, Bautzen and Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains, and the state capital, Dresden. Legally, the Association is based on Saxony's Public Transport Act. The aim of the Association is to manage local transport in a way that is as effective and customer-friendly as possible, i. e. make it easier to move from one's car to the bus and railways, but also between the railways and the roads.

The Association's members are delegated by the City Council in the state capital and by District Councils. The Association meets twice per year, in public, and decides the way forward for local transport in Dresden and the region. The meeting agrees to projects, contracts out local transport works, and alters fares.

The standardised tariff which makes it easier to switch between the buses and rail transport was introduced on 24th May 1998. Since then, the term "der Verbund" has become popularised. A short time later and in parallel, the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe GmbH (Upper Elbe Transport Association) was set up. It has around 40 employees who do the work delegated to them by the various bodies in the area.