Stopping point design

It is important that disabled people know which bus, train and tram stops have barrier-free access.

This provides a list of all the stops for the Dresden urban area, and all the SPNV (regional railways) platforms.

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Faulty wheelchair?

  • For information, contact the main DB Station & Service AG 3-S office:
    Tel.: +49 (0) 351 / 461 10 55

Information about stations:

Wheelchair-friendly platforms

The overview shows all the wheelchair-friendly platforms in the VVO area. Click on a station to find out how you can continue your journey by bus & rail from that station.

Bild: Haltestellenatlas der DVB AG

DVB AG Stops Atlas

The Stops Atlas has a list, and an overview map, of all the Dresden public transport stops that are disabled-friendly or partly disabled-friendly. It includes both bus and tram stops.