Public transport for all



It is important that disabled people know which bus, train and tram stops have barrier-free access. Ensuring that people with disabilities have a high degree of mobility on public transport - ensuring "public transport for all" - is a basic social requirement.

The VVO's "public transport for all" policy is designed in close collaboration with Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe Sachsen e.V. (LAGSH).

People with disabilities and their special requirements

In terms of moving from A to B, people with disabilities depend on public transport more than many other sections of the population. We are not only referring here to wheelchair users, but also to those who walk with difficulty, blind and visually impaired people, and deaf and hearing impaired people who require particular help when using public transport. People in this category often also only have a minimum income.

So to enable mobility for everyone and promote integration, local public transport has to be developed and designed to be a centre for meeting mobility needs if it is to ensure "public transport for all".

Innovative information systems

As a result, we have put the basic principles of accessible information in place in the VVO and in Saxony by setting up the innovative Delfi and Doris information systems. When the 2020 Infrastructure project is completed, the VVO infrastructure will have barrier-free access, e. g. at public transport hubs.

Improved vehicle design

The transport companies are increasingly meeting the need for barrier-free access by constantly increasing the proportion of vehicles that offer barrier-free access and egress (low floor technology, ramps). All the Regiosprinter II, Talent II and double-deck trains used on the regional railways in the VVO area have been fitted with manually operated ramps so that all platform heights of between 38 cm and 76 cm can be used by wheelchair users.

More information

For further information, please go to the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe Sachsen e.V. (LAGSH) website: