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Take a bike to discover idyllic landscapes and unique cultural heritage: in the Saxon Elbe, Saxon Switzerland and Upper Lusatia. The VVO's bike bus is an easy option which makes it extremely convenient for you to get to the most beautiful places.

Take the bike bus from April 4 to November 1, 2020. 

From April 4th to 1st November 2020 the transport companies in the VVO area provide bike buses on certain routes. They offer a regular service on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, and some may be booked in advance.

With your bike in the trailer, the bus will take the strain off, getting you up steep hills and over long distances to where you want to start your cycle tour. The bike trailers have room for up to
20 bikes. Groups of more than 5 people should please contact the relevant transport company. This will make it easier to schedule the cycle loading.

The service is free. You simply pay the normal price for taking a cycle.

Overview of bike bus routes and selected trains

Groups of more than 5 people should please contact the relevant transport company. This will make it easier to schedule the cycle loading.

Bike buses in Saxon Switzerland

  • Bus routes 216/219 – 217 (– 242/245): Pirna – Bad Gottleuba – Bahratal Grenze – Tisá – Sňězník – Rosenthal (– Königstein)
    (Route 216 via Langenhennersdorf, Route 219 via Dohma)

    Weekday routes: Bus route 219 –217 Pirna – Bad Gottleuba – Bahratal Grenze (border) – Tisá runs not only at the weekend but also from Monday to Friday at 8.10am and 10.15am with a bike trailer.

    Recommended cycle routes:
  • Bus routes 242/245/246 – 217 (– 216/219) Königstein/Pirna – Bielatal – Rosenthal – Sněžník – Tisá – Bahratal Grenze (– Bad Gottleuba – Pirna)

    Recommended cycle routes:
    Three Lakes Tour:
  • Bus routes 260/268/269 Bad Schandau – Sebnitz – Hinterhermsdorf

    Recommended cycle routes:

The bike buses (routes indicated on the timetable) always have a bike trailer.

Logo der RVSOE - Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH (RVSOE)
Tel.: 03501 / 71 11 0


Additionally, you can also ask for a bike bus during the week in Saxon Switzerland. eBikes cannot be carried, unfortunately.

Bike buses in Lusatia

The bike buses (routes indicated on the timetable) always have a bike Trailer.

Logo der Regionalbus Oberlausitz GmbH Regionalbus Oberlausitz GmbH (RBO)
Paul-Neck-Straße 139
02625 Bautzen

Tel.: 03591 / 49 11 00

Bike bus at the Saxon Elbe

  • Bus routes 407 – 441 – 433 (direct bus): Meissen – Nünchritz – Riesa – Strehla – Mühlberg

    Recommended cycle routes:
    Elbe Cycle Route, Gohrischheide Trail, Churches Cycle Route
  • Bus route 418: Meißen – Miltitz – Nossen – Rüsseina

    Recommended cycle routes:
    Ketzerbach Valley Trail, Sächsische Städte Route, Meißner 8, Mulde Cycle Route

You should phone the VGM to book the above bike buses. Please quote “FahrradBUS”, and state the date, route number and number of bicycles.

Moreover, at weekends in the Saxon Elbeland and on bank holidays after prior agreement, all the other bus routes belonging to the Verkehrsgesellschaft Meissen (VGM) can be fitted with a bike trailer.In the Saxon Elbe (VGM) and Saxon Switzerland (OVPS) you can also ask to use a bike bus.

Taking cycles on bus & rail

Cycles are only permitted to a limited degree on trains, buses, trams, ferries and the special tourist services. Prams and wheelchairs will always be given priority.

The number of cycles that can be accepted is limited to the number which can be carried without endangering or inconveniencing other passengers. In individual cases, vehicle staff have discretion over whether cycles can be carried.

Cycles with a combustion engine and unconventional designs (e.g. load carriers) are not permitted.

VVO tariff tip: The right ticket for you

VVO tariff tip: The best ticket for your bicycle

If you wish to take your bicycle on bus & rail or the bike bus, just buy a cycle day ticket. The price is based on the tariff zones in which you intend to travel:

  • To travel in one tariff zone you need the price level 1 cycle day ticket, costing 2 Euro.
  • To travel in two or more tariff zones, buy the cycle day ticket for the entire VVO area, costing 3 Euro.

The cycle day ticket is valid up to 4am on the day following the day of stamping.

Monthly cycle pass: If you use your bike frequently

Do you want to bring your cycle or cycle trailer on board frequently, but prefer to use single tickets, day tickets or weekly passes? If so, we recommend the monthly cycle pass. 

  Validity Normal
Monthly ticket for bicycle
valid: see Monthly pass

VVO region

17,00 €

Cycle included: Tip for monthly ticket holders and subscription monthly ticket holders

As the holder of a monthly or annual pass, you can bring your cycle on board free of charge within the tariff zone and time limits of your monthly or annual pass.

„BikeBUS“ brochure

Broschüre Mit dem Fahrrad in Bus & Bahn

All bike bus info ...

... can be found in our brochure “Taking bikes by bus and rail”. This handy publication provides an overview of all the bike bus routes, details about registering for travel, and details of schedules and fares.