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Tickets to your mobile. Simple, fast and cash-free. HandyTickets mean that your mobile phone can be used around the clock to buy tickets without using cash. Once you have logged in you can use your smartphone to order any single, day or 4-ride ticket.

Perhaps you want to use HandyTicket Deutschland, but you do not yet have access? In the VVO you can register with the HandyTicket partner DVB AG.

You can buy any tickets that are for sale in the HandyTicket Deutschland system. And not only for Dresden and the Upper Elbe region (VVO), but for many other German local transport regions.

These towns and regions are:

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Saxony Mobile

Travel across Saxony by bus and train on local public transport: This is easy to do in the VVO with the HandyTicket Deutschland app: enter your start and destination in the information, select your ticket, buy it - and off you go.

Install VVO mobil now free of charge:

Buy HandyTickets right away via our app vvo-mobil.de. Once you have registered with HandyTicket Deutschland, the ticket is sent directly to your smartphone.

The app is available for mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android. You can install it via the respective AppStore.

HandyTickets are always valid immediately.

So first buy your ticket, then get on the bus or train. The only exception is the night ticket, which is only valid from 6 p.m. according to the tariff.

Further information

Requirements to participate in HandyTicket

Anyone aged 16 and over can register with HandyTicket Deutschland. To register, you need your mobile phone and a control medium, which can be your personal ID, a European passport or your credit card. You should always be in possession of your mobile and your control medium when travelling with a HandyTicket.

Before buying your first HandyTicket you need to go through a one-off registration process via DVB AG.

Have the following information to hand when registering:

When registering, you will need to enter your mobile phone number, the control medium type (personal ID, EU passport or credit card) and your preferred payment method (direct debit, credit card, GiroPay, Prepaid). Depending on the payment method you may also need to enter your name, address and account details or credit card number. If you choose prepaid, no other details are required.


After you have registered you will be sent your HandyTicket PIN by SMS. You will need this to log into the HandyTicket customer portal and if you are buying tickets by app or mobile web.

You can get these tickets as HandyTickets

Ticket Price level/tariff zone(s)
Single journey 1, 2, 3, 4
Day ticket (for individuals) 1, 2, VVO Area
Cycle day ticket 1, VVO Area
Night ticket VVO Area
4-ride ticket1 1, 2, 3, 4
Family day ticket 1, 2, VVO Area
Small group ticket 1, 2, VVO Area
1st class upgrade 1, 2

1 4-ride ticket: When the 1st journey is ordered, the entire 4-ride ticket is immediately charged. The next three journeys are then free and are delivered each time after a 4-ride ticket is selected again. Each strip/journey is valid immediately. The validity period depends on the price level. If a price level is selected when there are no available strips on a 4-ride ticket that has been bought, a new 4-ride ticket is charged.

Buy the HandyTicket well in advance before you travel

Please ensure that your smartphone is working when you travel. Every HandyTicket is valid immediately. The only exception is the night ticket which, as per the tariff, is only valid after 6pm.

You can also buy HandyTickets for people with you.

HandyTickets are accepted throughout the VVO area as per their time and zonal validity as specified in the VVO tariff. HandyTickets are not valid on transport outside the VVO area. In particular, HandyTickets are not valid on DB AG train journeys which cross into a different transport association area. Neither are HandyTickets valid for cross-border travel to the ČD or on their trains.

HandyTicket costs and ordering methods

HandyTicket prices in the VVO are the same as prices under the VVO tariff in its current version. Whenever the tariff is changed, the HandyTicket system automatically calculates the latest prices.

Any transmission charges, data transmission by GPRS/UMTS via mobile Internet and app are payable by the customer. Such charges depend on your mobile phone contract and the method selected.

Data is also transmitted between the app and the HandyTicket system with other functions: e. g. when enquiring about ticket prices, when loading a new range of tickets, when enquiring about timetable information or an account balance, and when changing one's HandyTicket PIN.

HandyTicket payment methods

You may choose between the following payment methods:

  • SEPA direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Prepaid

Whichever payment type you choose, you can access a detailed monthly statement showing the tickets you have bought on the customer portal. Statements of transactions and payments are provided by a financial services provider, LogPay GmbH, based in Eschborn, on behalf of the transport company concerned.

SEPTA direct debit method

With the direct debit method, you pay for the HandyTickets you have bought retrospectively, with payments being automatically taken from your bank account. Sums due are taken from your account on the 1st bank working day in the following month or when the total sum of tickets purchased goes beyond 20 euros in a calendar month. To use the direct debit method you need an account at a bank in Germany.

Credit card method

With the credit card method, you pay for the HandyTickets you have bought retrospectively, with your credit card. The sums due are submitted to the card issuer on the 1st bank working day in the following month or when the total sum of tickets purchased goes beyond 20 euros in a calendar month.

Prepaid method

The prepaid method is a payment method via which you pay in a sum of money to a bank account in advance. Once the payment has gone in, you can use up the sum transferred by buying tickets via mobile phone. Any sums can be transferred to the account, with a minimum of 20 euros. If you have no credit, you cannot buy any tickets. You can use the customer portal whenever you wish to find out your credit balance. If you cancel while a balance remains in your account, you are entitled to a refund under the terms and conditions. Bank transfers can be made at any time by loading credit to the following bank account:

Account holder: LogPay Financial Services GmbH
IBAN: DE51 5011 0300 2910 0441 06
Credit institute: DVB Bank SE
Purpose: Your mobile number (for example: 01701234567)

You need to enter your mobile number as the purpose in order to be able to assign your credit directly to you.

Changing your payment method

You can change your payment method at any time via the customer portal. To do so, we simply need the details required to comply with the terms and conditions. If you switch from prepaid to direct debit or credit card you will, of course, retain any credit you have and be able to use it up. If you switch from direct debit or credit card to prepaid, the sums outstanding will need to be taken from your account or credit card and you may be temporarily blocked until the credit has been paid in and received. If you switch from direct debit to credit card, or vice-versa, no early settlement is required providing that your ticket purchases do not exceed 20 euros in a calendar month.

How the inspector checks the validity of a HandyTicket

Staff on board the vehicle check your HandyTicket and your control medium visually. An inspector can also check the validity of your HandyTicket by querying the online HandyTicket system.

How to have a relaxed journey:

  • Buy your HandyTicket well in advance before you travel
  • Ensure that your smartphone is working when you travel
  • HandyTickets are only valid in association with the control medium they specify
  • Make sure your control medium is up to date
  • If a ticket inspector comes round, show your mobile phone (with the HandyTicket displayed) and your control medium
  • If requested, you should hand over your mobile for a short while so that your ticket can be checked. You can also buy HandyTickets for people with you. If an inspector comes round, show the HandyTickets for all of your party, one by one.

The control medium

To be able to use the HandyTicket, you need not only your smartphone but a control medium. A HandyTicket is only valid alongside this personalised, duplication-protected control document (e. g. personal ID, EU passport or credit card). This prevents HandyTickets from being used when they have been copied or redirected.

Participating towns and regions - HandyTicket Deutschland

Security and data protection

Handling your personal data with care is as important to us as it is to you. Information such as addresses and mobile phone numbers will, of course, not be passed on to any third party. And data is only transmitted using a protected standard.