If you are interested in having our Infomobil at your event, please get in touch with us:

Tel: 0351 / 852 65 55
Fax: 0351 / 852 65 13

The blue "Infomobil" stops everywhere where there is no other option nearby to get information about local public transport. Whether at regional weekly markets, trade fairs or events, Jens Richter and his team will be happy to give you professional, friendly advice on the VVO's timetables and tariffs and sell you the right ticket for your next bus or rail trip.

The Infomobil also has interesting brochures, the application form for an Abo-monthly pass, the customer pass required for reduced season tickets and, of course, the latest timetable booklets.

VVO staff are always open to hearing constructive suggestions about timetables and tariffs.

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VVO Infomobil - Jens Richter in Radeburg