Tickets on the bus & S-Bahn

Ticketkauf im Zug

Buying tickets on the train

Tickets from the train guard

On regional trains and S-Bahns, please buy and stamp your ticket for the entire journey before you begin. Excluded: If there is no ticket office open and no ticket machine is available or working at the station you begin your journey, you can buy your ticket from the guard on local trains.

Automat in der Straßenbahn

Buying tickets on the tram

Tickets on the tram

You can buy tickets for single trips and day tickets from a machine on any Dresden tram. The tickets can be used straight away and do not need to be stamped (except Night ticket). The machines are located towards the front of the carriage, between the first and second doors. Please note that the machines only accept coins.

Buying tickets on the bus - Ticketkauf im Bus

Tickets from the bus driver

On RegionalBus lines, single and day tickets, and weekly and monthly passes are available for immediate use. On the DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe) StadtBus lines, only single and day tickets are available for immediate use.

Ticketkauf auf der Fähre

Buying tickets on the ferry

Tickets from the ferryman

On ferries in the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains region and the Meissen region you can buy single and day tickets, and weekly and monthly passes for immediate use.