Many companies within the VVO area offer their employees a job ticket.

Using this ticket, you can use all city and regional buses, trams, city and local trains, river ferries and other public transport which are valid within your selected area.

If you ask your boss, your company might soon be one of them.

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The JobTicket is basically an Abo-monthly pass, except for the fact that, between 6am and 6pm from Monday to Friday, only the JobTicket holder may use it. At other times, other people may use the JobTicket. Indeed, at the weekend, two adults and up to four children may travel by bus, train and tram. You may also take a cycle, cycle trailer or dog free of charge. So your JobTicket is not just useful for work, but for leisure too.

How does a JobTicket user benefit?

A JobTicket user saves money in comparison to someone using an Abo-monthly pass. The level of savings depends on the negotiations between your employer and the VVO transport company, each of whom assume half of the discount.

How does an employer benefit from the JobTicket?

As well as reducing pressure on car park space, which keeps overheads down, the JobTicket impacts on your environmental balance, plus it improves the company's image and employee loyalty.

What are the terms and conditions for a JobTicket contract?

For JobTickets to be issued, there needs to be a framework agreement between the employer and the VVO. To put an agreement in place, at least 30 employees at the company concerned need to switch to the JobTicket scheme. The framework agreement applies for a minimum of one year.

Are you an employer who is interested in a JobTicket agreement? If so, please contact Oliver Horeni (details in the side panel).