Travelling out of the VVO

From Saxony ticket via the "Katzensprung" and "Guten-Tag" ticket to Regio 120: If you leave the VVO area, the rail and bus companies offer a wide variety of tickets. To help your understanding, we can show you up until which station your VVO ticket is valid, how you travel on further, and we summarise the options. Click on your destination outside the VVO area and we will display the relevant ticket options. Then a click will take you to our partner's website.

  • DUK
  • Polen
  • Bayern
  • Brandenburg
  • ZVON
  • VLV
  • Sachsen Anhalt / Thüringen
  • VMS
  • MDV
  • VVO
  • IDOL
Sachsen Anhalt / Thüringen Brandenburg Polen Zvon VVO MDV IDOL DUK Bayern VMS VLV