Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway

Kirnitzschtalbahn in Bad Schandau

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Exactly where you would least expect it, right in the middle of the fascinating, rocky landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, a tram has been taking walkers, tourists and spa visitors from Bad Schandau into the Saxon Switzerland National Park since 1898.

Though the line reeks of nostalgia, it has extremely innovative technology. Almost 30 % of total annual power requirements are generated using a large photovoltaic installation on the roof of the depot.

The 8 km long Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway starts at the Bad Schandau Kurpark and trickles along the wildly romantic Kirnitzsch valley to the terminus at the Lichtenhain waterfall. From the valley's tram stops, footpaths lead to glorious cliffs and views including the small and big Winterberg, the Affenstein and Schrammstein rocks, and the Kuhstall ("Cowshed"), an eleven metre high natural arch.

About the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway:

Length: 8 km
Stations: 9
Track width: 1,000 mm
Of interest: Up to 30 % of the trams' energy needs come from solar power.
Operator: Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH (RVSOE)

Timetable - every 30 minutes in the excursion season

Due to construction work, the Kirnitzschtal valley will be fully closed until mid-December.

The Kirnitzschtalbahn will run according to the winter timetable from 23 December - daily every 70 minutes between the Bad Schandau spa gardens and the Lichtenhain waterfall.

Special timetable: If conditions are favourable, the Kirnitzschtalbahn will run every 30 minutes through the Kirnitzschtal valley from 27 to 31 December 2023 (between 10 a.m. and 5.40 p.m.).

From 29 March 2024, the Kirnitzschtalbahn will run according to the summer timetable again - every 30 minutes daily.

All stops along the route are ideal starting points for your hike in the Saxon Switzerland National Park.


You can buy the following tickets from the staff:

  Reduces  Normal

Single Journey

 3,50 €1

 7,00 €

Day ticket2

5,00 €1

 10,00 €

Family day Ticket3


25,00 €

10-trip ticket

 25,00 €1

 50,00 €

Group ticket per person

 2,50 €5

5,00 €4

Monthly pass6


18,00 €

Traditional Transport surcharge

 0,50 €

 1,00 €

1 Price for pupils until 15th birthday, a bicycle or a dog
2 Once validated, the day ticket is valid until the line closes for the day. You do this by getting it clipped on the tram.
3 Price for up to two adults and 4 pupils until 15th birthday
4 Valid for 11 people and over; journeys cannot be interrupted. Sold on the tram.
5 Valid for 11 pupils and more plus 1 accompanying adult, for 15 children and more plus up to 2 accompanying adults, for 21 children and more plus up to 3 accompanying adults; journeys cannot be interrupted. Sold on the tram.
6 Monthly passes for the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway are for the use of the holder only and consist of a customer pass that shows the individual's full details in a form that cannot be erased and has a non-removable passport photo glued onto it, plus the ticket.

Getting here

Come and go by bus & rail

You can get to Bad Schandau with the S 1 S-Bahn. To get to the Kurpark, take the station ferry to cross to the Bad Schandau Elbe pier. From there it is about 5 minutes on foot to the first Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway stop, Bad Schandau "Kurpark".

Traditional transport - special journeys

Xperience a piece of tramway history in the historic vehicles. Together with the association "Freunde des Eisenbahnwesens" e. V., the RVSOE organises the traditional service on the Kirnitzschtalbahn.

Traditional service 2024:

  • 20./21.04.2024: Bahnerlebnistage
  • 01.05.2024: Fahrt in den Mai
  • 18. – 20.05.2024: Pfingstfahrten
  • 27./28.07.2024: 24. Kirnitzschtalfest
  • 03.10.2024: Fahrt in den Herbst 

The surcharge of 1.00 Euro / 0.50 Euro for the traditional service is for the benefit of the preservation of the historic carriages.

Book the Kirnitzschtalbahn for a special trip

For a particularly authentic trip, charter an original carriage from 1928 and enjoy the scenery and flair of the 1930s with a conductor and old coin changer, the so-called "Galoppwechsler".

Tariff Tip for 7 day- , Monthly- or Monthly subscription ticket

Do you have a weekly, monthly or Monthly subscription which includes the Bad Schandau tariff zone (TZ 72)? If so, you can travel free on the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway.

At weekends and on bank holidays, for those with a normal tariff monthly or Monthly subscription, the rule applies that one other adult pays only the reduced price.

Will you be using a VVO day ticket or the Dresden Regio Card to get there?
If so, again, you only need to pay the reduced price.

Transportation of bikes

The Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway can only carry a limited number of bicycles.

A bicycle or a dog can be taken free of charge on a monthly or subscription monthly travel pass that includes the Bad Schandau fare zone (TZ 72). Otherwise the reduced fare applies: Further information

Barrier-free travel

On the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway, passengers with limited mobility can get on and off more easily at the “Bad Schandau Kurpark” and “Lichtenhainer Wasserfall” stops. At these stops, the platforms are raised. You just need to cope with a small step in order to get on the tram, and the staff will help you with a mobile ramp.

Passengers with limited mobility can also get on and off at all the other stops if they are able to cope with the doorway (2 high steps) themselves or with a little help from a companion. Wheelchairs need to be of the folding type. Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs cannot be taken on.

Please contact the OVPS in advance because there is a limited number of wheelchair spaces on the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway. Please let us know, at least 5 days before you travel, what your start and end station will be, including your departure date (departure time), by contacting:

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Betrieb Bad Schandau
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01814 Bad Schandau

Tel.: 03501 / 71 11-300