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As it will be undergoing its spring and autumn maintenance checks, the Suspension Railway will be out of service during these periods:

  • 16th – 27th November 2020
  • 15th – 26th March 2021
  • 1th – 12th November 2021

The Suspension Railway is the oldest suspension railway in the world. It first opened for operation in 1901. Negotiating the 84 metre height differential between Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz in comfort is a real delight. History buffs will be in their element in the engine house at the upper station.

As you approach your destination, the upper station, you see the Elbe meadowlands spread out below in the valley, and the Elbe Bend as far as Dresden's old town.

What is amazing about the design of the Suspension Railway is that only one of the 33 pillars supporting the rails is fixed. The others are all pendulum supports designed to compensate for changes in length caused by temperature fluctuations. Like the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, it was designed using the single-rail suspension principle by engineer Eugen Langen.

Don't be surprised when, at your destination, you see a massive tower. This once housed the engines for the railway, which was originally steam-powered. These days, from the tower's viewing terraces, you can let your gaze sweep over the countryside as far, on a clear day, as the Ore Mountains.


  Reduced1 Normal
Single journey 2.50 € 4.00 €
Up and back ticket2 3.00 €  5.00 €
Family ticket3 Up and back ticket2 12.50 €
12-ride ticket 15.00 €

25.00 € 

1 Price for pupils until 15th birthday, a dog or a bicycle.
2 The up and back ticket must be used on the same day, and you can use either mountain railway.
3 up to two adults and 4 pupils until 15th birthday

As at: 1st August 2021

Tariff Tip for 7 day- , Monthly- or Monthly subscription ticket

Do you have a weekly, monthly or Abo-monthly pass which includes the Dresden tariff zone (TZ 10)? If so, you can travel for free on the Suspension Railway.

The accompaniment rule which applies to normal tariff monthly and Abo-monthly passes does not apply at weekends or bank holidays. However, the accompanying person only needs to pay the reduced fare for the Suspension Railway.

Will you be using a VVO day ticket or the Dresden City Card to get to the Suspension Railway?

If so, again, you only need to pay the reduced price.

Tip – BergbahnCard

The BergbahnCard is a cheap option for anyone who uses the Bergbahns - the Funicular Railway and the Suspension Railway - regularly. You can get these special passes for the Dresden Bergbahns for an annual payment of 5 Euro. The BergbahnCard is valid for one person for one year from the date of issue, and entitles the holder to purchase Bergbahn tickets at the reduced price.

Getting here

Come and go by bus & rail

You can get to the Suspension Railway at Körnerplatz by taking city buses 61, 63 and 84, and the regional bus 309.

If you don't shy at a short walk over the "Blue Wonder" bridge, you can also take city bus 65 and trams 4 and 6 (all to the Schillerplatz stop) to reach the lower station. 


A maximum of four bikes may be carried on the Funicular Railway. Please note that bikes will need to be carried up/down several steps.

Barrier-free travel

As it is a listed monument, because there is limited space, and since there is a maximum gradient of 6 %, wheelchair users may not use the Suspension Railway.

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