You may take hand luggage and easily transportable objects free of charge on bus & rail.

This also includes a

  • stroller with child,
  • a wheelchair or a wheeled walker,
  • a pair of skis, a snowboard or a toboggan per person,
  • small animals in a suitable transport container, as well as
  • a bicycle trailer or handcart with small children sitting in it,
  • a folded bicycle in a standard saddlebag, and
  • tricycles, balance or small bicycles for children of preschool age.

For each additional item or if, for example, prams or wheelchairs are used to transport luggage, you will need a discounted single ticket.

The operating personnel will decide whether items are to be accepted for carriage and where they are to be stowed in the vehicle.

Please note that passengers with prams and wheelchair users always take precedence.

Details on taking bicycles, items and animals with you can be found in the "small print".

Items that are not permitted on board

Passengers may not bring on board hazardous materials and dangerous objects, particularly

  • explosive, inflammable, radioactive, foul-smelling or caustic materials,
  • unpackaged or unprotected items which may injure or soil other passengers,
  • or items which protrude beyond the boundaries of the carriage.

Neither are items permitted on board if this will make the stop longer than normal, or if there is a danger that there will not be room for other passengers if the items are taken on board.

Consideration and liability

We would ask that passengers remove rucksacks, etc., before boarding the vehicle, and that they do not take up seats with them.

Please ensure that your property is securely placed and that it does not endanger safety or interfere with the vehicle's operation, and does not inconvenience other passengers. The passenger is liable for any damage caused by bringing on, improperly placing or supervising, or not fully securing any object they have taken on board.

All information is subject to Change.