Travelling in the VVO area

The VVO area is divided into 21 tariff zones. Whichever form of transport you use, and however often you get on and off, the prices you pay are based on these zones. When you travel, you simply count the number of zones you will pass through.

Boundary area

The VVO tariff is a tariff for a very large area. The area is divided into 21 tariff zones. Tariff zone boundaries touch upon neighbouring tariff zones. There are normally stops/stations at these tariff zone boundaries. A single stop (e. g. Dresden, Lugaer Platz) or more than one stop or all the stops in a particular town (examples: Coswig, Weinböhla, Radeburg, Sebnitz) may indicate a tariff zone boundary. In exceptional cases, the tariff zone boundary may also lie between two rail or bus stations.