Day ticket for Elbe-Labe

Elbe-Labe ticket

Ústecký Kraj (Ústí district) and the VVO offer the Elbe-Labe ticket (Jízdenka Labe-Elbe) for journeys to and from the Czech Republic. The ticket is valid all day throughout the VVO area and on most buses and trains in the Ústí district.

Elbe-Labe tickets are also valid for travel on the National Park railway (U 28), which goes from Rumburk via Dolní Poustevna, Sebnitz and Bad Schandau to Děčín.

  Validity Elbe-Labe Labe-Elbe

Day ticket

VVO region +
district of Ústí
24,00 € 340 CZK

Family day ticket

VVO region +
district of Ústí
34,20 € 470 CZK

Small Group ticket

VVO region +
district of Ústí
50,10 € 700 CZK

Cycle day ticket

VVO region +
district of Ústí
4,00 € 100 CZK

As at Elbe-Labe 1 April 2023/ Labe-Elbe 1 January 2023

Please note that the prices of the Elbe-Labe ticket will be adjusted on 1 August 2024.

5 valid for one adult and max. 2 pupils until the 15th birthday
6 valid for two adults and max. 4 pupils until the 15th birthday
7 valid for max. 5 persons
11 can also be used for a bike trailer or a dog

Validity for zones and time

The Elbe-Labe ticket is valid in Böhmen

  • on local transport in the Ústí nad Labem district transport network (DÚK)
  • on regional, fast and express trains operated by ČD (OS, Sp, R), GW Train Regio and Länderbahn (Interstate Railway) (not valid on EC, EN and CNL Trains)
  • on all city buses in Děčín, Ústí nad Labem, Varnsdorf, Teplice, Bílina, Chomutov and Jirkov
  • on all regional buses in the Ústí nad Labem district
  • on the OVPS boat between Bad Schandau and Hřensko - 10% discount with a valid Elbe-Labe ticket
  • on tourist trains T1 - T6 on the Elbe river between Hřensko, Ústí nad Labem and Mělník

The Elbe-Labe ticket is valid in Saxony

  • in the local transport in the entire VVO network in accordance with the VVO tariff

The Elbe-Labe ticket is valid for cross-border travel

  • U 28 Děčín – Bad Schandau – Sebnitz – Dolní Poustevna – Šluknov – Rumburk
  • Wanderexpress train Bohemica Dresden - Ústí nad Labem - Litoměřice (RE 20)
  • on TRILEX trains of the Länderbahn DLB between Rybniště and Zittau
  • Ferry between Schöna and Hřensko
  • Bus route (360)
  • 398 (Dresden –) Altenberg – Teplice
  • Bus route (218/219) 217 (242) (Pirna –) Bahratal border – Tisá – Sněžník – Rosenthal ( – Königstein)
  • Bus route 452 / 453 Ústí nad Labem – Bahratal border
  • Bus route 435 Česká Kamenice – Schmilka

For single journeys on these cross-border routes, a ticket at a special fare can be purchased directly in the vehicles instead of the Elbe-Labe ticket.

The tickets are valid from the time of issue or stamping until the next day at 4am. In the Czech Republic, the tickets are only sold to begin the journey immediately.

Buy tickets – You can buy your Elbe-Labe ticket here

Sales outlets in the VVO area

  • VVO partners' service centres and agencies
  • Deutsche Bahn ticket machines
  • Regional bus drivers
  • The conductor on selected local trains

Elbe-Labe tickets (Jízdenka Labe-Elbe) which have been issued for stamping may only be stamped in the VVO area. This means that if the return journey from the Czech Republic is to be made on a different day from the outward journey, a "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe" (for individuals, a small group or cycle) needs to be purchased in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe" is only sold to begin the journey immediately.

In Czech the Elbe-Labe ticket is: "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe“

Sales outlets in the Czech Republic:

  • Ticket counters in stations
  • Ticket counters and information offices of the transport companies involved
  • Drivers of selected regional buses
    (tickets get date-stamped)
  • On trains (surcharge possible)

Validity on special tourist services

Elbe-Labe day tickets are not valid

Validity in 1st class

Elbe-Labe tickets are only valid for travel in 2nd class. You may upgrade to 1st class in local trains within the VVO area.

For using 1st class on local trains, day tickets are available for upgrade to 1st class

Once punched, tickets are non-transferable.


  Validity Reduced Normal
Day pass for using
1st class
1 fare zone3
until [time] next day
1,00 €2,4 2,00 €
Transport network region,
until [time] next day
2,00 €2,4 4,00 €

All information is subject to Change.