Bohemian Switzerland

Böhmische Schweiz Panorama

Over the border into the Czech Republic

Sandstone cliffs in Bohemian Switzerland, historic villages, old palaces and castles, not forgetting Bohemian dumplings for lunch, make a trip to the Czech Republic more than worthwhile.

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park was only established in 2000, but its flora and fauna go back many millions of years. Anyone walking in the Bohemian part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains on the edge of the Saxon Switzerland National Park is surrounded by almost unspoiled vegetation. It is quick and easy to get to Hřensko (Herrnskretschen), the starting point for a wonderful tour through the Kamnitzklammen (SoutěskyKamenice) to the imposing Prebischtor (Pravčickábrána).

In Bohemia you will come across crosses of peace, rock chapels and abandoned church paths. A curiosity in Bohemia and Upper Lusatia are the pretty half-timbered houses which are a sort of log house with timber framing.

Bus & rail to the Czech Republic

Bus & rail to the Czech Republic


During the season, from April to November, at weekends and on bank holidays, the Wander-Express-Bohemica (RE 20) will take you quickly and comfortably to Bohemia and back.

Bus & rail to the Czech Republic

Cross-border bus connection 217: (Pirna –) Bahratal Grenze – Tisá – Rosenthal

The 217 hiking bus crosses the German border in Bahratal to reach Tisá in the Czech Republic.

  • Last stop in the VVO: Bahratal border

Hiking bus line 217 runs in the hiking season from 2th April to 31st October 2022, from the Bahratal border to Rosenthal via Petrovice, Tisá and Sněžník.

A special fare from RVSOE GmbH applies to your journey on bus line 217. You can also use the Elbe-Labe ticket along the entire route.

Cross-border bus connection 360/398

This line takes you directly from Dresden via Altenberg, Zinnwald, Cinovec to Teplice. The bus travels as line 360 from Dresden to Altenberg. As cross-border line from Altenberg to Teplice it then becomes line 398. There is a border-crossing fee on line 398. The Elbe-Labe ticket is accepted.

Elbe ferries

Elbe ferries

Elbe ferries

There are 13 ferry piers between Dresden and Schöna. In Saxon Switzerland the ferries usually connect the picturesque village centres on the right-hand side of the Elbe with the stations on the left. The VVO tariff can be used on most ferries. So why not cross over for a while?

Cruise ship

Cruise ship (cross-border)

You will see the rocky world of Saxon Bohemian Switzerland from a very different perspective from the deck of the cruise ship. During the season the motor vessel makes the return trip from Bad Schandau, via Krippen/ Postelwitz and Schmilka, to Hrensko four times each day.

Buy tickets – You can buy your Elbe-Labe ticket here

Sales outlets in the VVO area

  • VVO partners' service centres and agencies
  • Deutsche Bahn ticket machines
  • Regional bus drivers
  • The conductor on selected local trains

Elbe-Labe tickets (Jízdenka Labe-Elbe) which have been issued for stamping may only be stamped in the VVO area. This means that if the return journey from the Czech Republic is to be made on a different day from the outward journey, a "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe" (for individuals, a small group or cycle) needs to be purchased in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe" is only sold to begin the journey immediately.

In Czech the Elbe-Labe ticket is: "Jízdenka Labe-Elbe“

Sales outlets in the Czech Republic:

  • Ticket counters in stations
  • Ticket counters and information offices of the transport companies involved
  • Drivers of selected regional buses
    (tickets get date-stamped)
  • On trains (surcharge possible)

VVO tariff tip for travel to Czech Republic

Bohemia brochure (CZ) Elbe-Labe ticket