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The VVO transport companies offer a ticket specifically for students. The Semester Ticket (annual student ticket), which is an arrangement reached by various companies, student organisations at the participating universities and the VVO, can be used for trains, buses, trams and most ferries.

In brief:

Student ID = Semester Ticket


Das Semesterticket (Studentenjahresticket) gilt im VVO-Verbundraum:

Semester Tickets are only valid when presented with valid personal ID. They are non-transferable, so nobody else may use them. On local trains they are only valid in 2nd class.

Participating universities


 Winter semester

Summer semester 

Palucca University for Dresden

01.08. – 28./29.02

01.03. – 31.07.

Dresden University of Applied Sciences

01.09. – 28./29.02

01.03. – 31.08.

University of Applied Sciences for
Social Work, Education and Nursing (EHS)

01.09. – 28./29.02

 01.03. – 31.08.

Dresden University of Music (HfM)

01.09. – 28./29.02

 01.03. – 31.08.

Dresden University of Church Music (HfK)

01.09. – 28./29.02

01.03. – 31.08.

Technical University of Dresden (TUD)

01.10. – 31.03.

01.04. – 30.09.

TU Dresden Institute for Further and
Continuing Education (TUD FaCe)

01.10. – 31.03.

01.04. – 30.09.

Dresden University of Applied Sciences (FHD)

01.10. – 31.03.

01.04. – 30.09.

Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (HfBK)

 01.10. – 31.03.

 01.04. – 30.09.

SRH University Berlin, Dresden Campus 

 01.10. – 31.03.

 01.04. – 30.09.

Dresden International University (DIU)

 01.10. – 31.03.

 01.04. – 30.09.

Cycles and dogs

A cycle or dog may be carried free of charge within the VVO area at the following times:

Ferries using the VVO tariff Every day Throughout the day
Buses and trams

Monday to Friday

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays

7pm to 4am

Throughout the day

Local trains Monday to Friday
(except bank holidays)
7pm to 4am

At other times a cycle or dog may be carried upon purchase of an additional cycle day ticket or monthly cycle pass.

Validity on special tourist services

The special tourist services in the VVO area are

  • the Radebeul–Radeburg and Weisseritz Valley narrow gauge railways,
  • the Bergbahns (Funicular Railway and Suspension Railway) in Dresden,
  • the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway in Bad Schandau,
  • the Meissen city tour   

The Semester Ticket only entitles the holder to use the special tourist services if the student can show a special permit or a note on their Semester Ticket. The VVO partner company which operates the special tourist service concerned will issue the permit providing the student can show evidence that they live within the catchment area of the service concerned (within 800 m of the access point concerned; in the case of the Bergbahns this only applies to the upper stations).

The Semester Ticket is not valid for the on-call shared taxis which operate in Meissen, Riesa and Hoyerswerda.

Travelling outside the VVO area

With an SPNV Semester Ticket Saxony

The Semester Ticket can also be used as an SPNV Semester Ticket Saxony by students at the TU, TU FaCe, HTW, EHS, HfM, HfK, HfBK and DIU universities in Dresden. It entitles the holder to use any local trains in the Free State of Saxony.

About the carriage of cycles

To travel with a cycle in neighbouring transport association areas (VMS, VVV, ZVON and MDV), students using their Semester Ticket as an SPNV Semester Ticket Saxony need to purchase a DB AG local transport cycle day ticket priced at 6 euros. Cycles may be carried free of charge when travelling in the MDV area from Monday to Friday between 7pm and 4am.

Travelling outside Saxony

When travelling beyond Saxony's borders, you should buy tickets for the transport company/association concerned up to/from the last station in Saxony.

With no SPNV Semester Ticket Saxony

When travelling outside Saxony, students not using their Semester Ticket as an SPNV Semester Ticket Saxony should buy an additional ticket to be valid from the boundary of the VVO area.

Not valid as a ticket

Student IDs are not valid tickets when they

  • have been stamped "ungültig als Semesterticket",
  • the details in the document concerned have been unofficially altered or they
  • have been shrink-wrapped.

In such cases, the student will be treated as a customer without a valid ticket.

All information is subject to Change.