The Deutschlandsemesterticket for students is coming

At the start of the summer semester, the first students at Dresden's universities will be able to benefit from the Deutschlandsemesterticket (DST). The new ticket replaces the previous semester ticket.

It is a digital ticket for smartphones that is valid in conjunction with an ID document. The Deutschland­semester­ticket allows students to travel throughout Germany on public transport (local trains, suburban trains, underground trains, buses, trams and many ferries).

What students need to do now

For students at the universities listed below, it is important to know that they have to activate the „Deutschland­semesterticket“ via a platform (RIDE Campus) of the respective university.

Students who have already purchased the Upgrade Deutschlandticket also need to re-register. It is not necessary to cancel the upgrade.

The changeover to a new digital ticket is necessary because, unlike the semester passes and chip cards used previously, the Deutschlandsemesterticket must be valid and verifiable throughout Germany.

First activate your ticket - then set off:

Register as a student via the link of the respective university and get the Deutschlandsemesterticket (DST) on your mobile phone:

Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden Palucca: Change to the DST here
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft
Dresden (HTW)
HTW: Change to the DST here
Evangelische Hochschule für soziale
Arbeit Dresden (EHS)
EHS: Change to the DST here

Hochschule für Musik Dresden (HfM)

HfM: Change to the DST here

Hochschule für Kirchenmusik Dresden (HfK)

HfK: Change to the DST here
Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) TU Dresden: Change to the DST here
TU Dresden Institute for Further and
Continuing Education (TUD FaCe)
TU FaCe: Change to the DST here
Fachhochschule Dresden (FHD) FHD: Change to the DST here
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (HfBK) HfBK: Change to the DST here
SRH Hochschule Berlin, Campus Dresden  SRH: Change to the DST here
Dresden International University (DIU) DIU: Change to the DST here

Further information on the Deutschlandsemesterticket (DST)

Is the Deutschlandsemesterticket only available digitally?

In principle, the Deutschlandsemesterticket (DST) is issued as a digital ticket via RIDE Campus on your mobile phone (mobile phone ticket).

Students without a smartphone should contact their student council or university directly.

Taking a bicycle or dog with you

Taking a bicycle or dog with you in the VVO area

The same regulations apply to the Deutschlandsemesterticket as to the Deutschlandticket (Germany Ticket). No bicycle or dog can be taken on the Deutschlandsemesterticket. The local fare regulations apply.

Taking your bike or dog beyond the VVO

If you are travelling with your bicycle beyond the VVO, you need a bicycle day ticket for local transport (German tariff) at a price of 6.50 euros per bicycle (as of 11 December 2022).

NEW: Since 1 April 2024, the local transport day pass for bicycles has also been recognised on buses and trams in the Upper Elbe Transport Association (VVO).

If you are travelling with your dog beyond the VVO, larger dogs count as passengers and are charged as an adult person (booking under the term "dog" instead of a passenger. Small dogs (up to the size of a domestic cat) can travel free of charge in a transport container.

Can I combine the additional tickets "Plus MOBI" and "Plus Mitnahme" with the Deutschlandsemesterticket?

Yes, the Deutschlandsemesterticket can be combined with the additional VVO tickets.

MOBI use is already included at some universities. Please contact your university or student council for more information.

Plus MOBI" additional ticket

In addition to the "Deutschlandsemesterticket", DVB offers the additional ticket "Plus MOBI". With this subscription, you can add the use of MOBIbikes and MOBIcars to your monthly subscription at a price of 7 euros.


Additional ticket "Plus Mitnahme"

The additional ticket "Plus Mitnahme" at a price of 10 euros (from 1 April: 10.70 euros) is available on a monthly subscription basis. The ticket is personal and only valid in combination with a Deutschlandsemesterticket issued to the same user name.

With this additional ticket, you can take a bicycle or a dog with you anywhere in the Upper Elbe transport network. You can also use this ticket from Monday to Friday between 6 pm and 4 am and all day on weekends and public holidays to take an additional adult and up to four schoolchildren up to their 15th birthday with you.

You can get the additional "Plus Mitnahme" ticket here

If you would like to use the additional "Plus Mitnahme" ticket on a permanent basis, take out a subscription with a transport company in the VVO.

If you would like to use the additional ticket without a subscription, buy the additional ticket via the DB Navigator app - look in the VVO tickets -> Monthly tickets menu in the app.

Is the Deutschlandsemesterticket valid on special means of transport, such as the narrow-gauge railway?

The Deutschlandsemesterticket has the same conditions as the Deutschlandticket.

Problems, questions or suggestions?

Are you having problems logging in? Please contact your university.

If you have technical problems, please contact the support team of the software manufacturer Digital H at Questions about the digital ticket are answered in the Digital H FAQ.

Information about Deutschlandticket can be found at

Invalid as a ticket

The following are not valid as tickets

  • Student ID cards or the CampusCard from the summer semester 2024 and
  • the digital ticket in paper form or as a screenshot (for offline functionality, please use the Wallet).

In these cases, the student is treated as a customer without a valid ticket.

All information is subject to Change.