Cycles on the bus & S-Bahn

Explore idyllic landscapes and the unique cultural heritage on two wheels: in the Saxon Elbeland, the Eastern Ore Mountains, Upper Lusatia, Saxon Switzerland and even into Bohemian Switzerland.

Just leave your car behind - you can enjoy lovely bike rides around the VVO area while using buses and the railways to get there and back.

Taking cycles on buses and railways


Using the bike bus

Between April 1nd and October 31st 2023 transport companies in the VVO will be using buses with bike trailers on certain bike bus routes. With your bike in the trailer, the bus will take the strain off, getting you up steep hills and over long distances.

Taking cycles on special tourist services

Narrow gauge railways

Taking bikes on the Radebeul–Radeburg Railway and the Weisseritz Valley Railway is no problem, because the narrow gauge trains have a luggage / bike compartment with space for 30 bikes.

Dresden Funicular Railway

A maximum of four bikes may be carried on the Funicular Railway. Please note that bikes will need to be carried up/down several steps.

Dresden Suspension Railway

The Suspension Railway has a luggage section in each compartment at the top and bottom. Each will take up to seven bicycles.

Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway

The Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway can only carry a limited number of bicycles.

Meissen city tour

Bicycles cannot be taken on the Meissen city tour shuttle buses.

Taking cycles on ferries

Taking cycles on the Elbe ferries is no problem at all. At busy periods the ferries are constantly criss-crossing the river. So if there is no room for you and your bike, you won't have to wait long.

Just sit back, cross over and cycle on the other side of the Elbe!

On the Elbe ferries under the VVO tariff the cycle day ticket can be used within its geographical and time limits. If, while you are cycling, you only wish to use the ferry, you just pay the actual ferry fare.

VVO tariff tip: The right ticket for you

Day ticket

If you are travelling by bus & train and returning on the same day, we recommend the day ticket. Day tickets are valid for any number of journeys from validation until 4 a.m. the following day.

Reduced day tickets can also be used by people over 60 years of age.

Tip: A maximum of 2 schoolchildren up to their 15th birthday may travel on a day ticket at the normal fare. Bicycles and dogs may not be taken in place of persons.

1 tariff zone: 6,90 Euro (reduced: 5,80 Euro)
2 tariff zones: 9,90 Euro (reduced: 8,30 Euro)
VVO Area: 15,70 Euro (reduced rate 13,50 Euro)

Family day ticket

For family travel or travel as a couple, we offer the family day ticket. The ticket is valid for 2 adults and max. 4 pupils up to their 15th birthday from the time of validation until 4 a.m. the following day:

1 tariff zone: 10,00 Euro
2 tariff zones: 14,50 Euro
VVO Area: 21,50 Euro

Small group ticket

In a group of up to 5 people, all means of public transport (except special means of transport) are open to you for one day.

We offer the small group ticket for one or two tariff zones as well as for the entire area covered by the association. The small group ticket is valid on the day of validation until 4 a.m. the following day.

1 tariff zone: 16,50 Euro
2 tariff zones: 23,50 Euro
VVO Area: 31,50 Euro

VVO tariff tip: The best ticket for your bicycle

If you wish to take your bicycle on bus & rail or the bike bus, just buy a cycle day ticket. The price is based on the tariff zones in which you intend to travel:

  • To travel in one tariff zone you need the price level 1 cycle day ticket, costing 2 Euro.
  • To travel in two or more tariff zones, buy the cycle day ticket for the entire VVO area, costing 3 Euro.

The cycle day ticket is valid up to 4am on the day following the day of stamping.

Monthly cycle pass: If you use your bike frequently

Do you want to bring your cycle or cycle trailer on board frequently, but prefer to use single tickets, day tickets or weekly passes? If so, we recommend the monthly cycle pass. 

  Validity Normal
Monthly ticket for bicycle
valid: see Monthly pass

VVO region

20,00 €

Cycle included: Tip for monthly ticket holders and subscription monthly ticket holders

As a (Abo) monthly travel pass and Ticket for pupils, you can take your bicycle, bicycle trailer or a dog with you free of charge within the corresponding tariff zone(s).

A monthly bicycle pass is valid from the time it is validated until midnight on the same day of the following month.