Monthly subscription tickets

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Holders of (subscription) monthly tickets, 9 o'clock (subscription) monthly tickets as well as JobTickets at the normal price can

  • daily from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. and
  • and all day on weekends and public holidays

one additional adult and a maximum of four schoolchildren up to the age of 15.

For frequent travellers, we recommend the monthly season ticket at the normal fare. For those who want to travel after 9 a.m., the 9 a.m. monthly travel pass is the right ticket.

The monthly season tickets are not only cheaper than the regular monthly season tickets - they also offer a number of advantages: Advantages of monthly season tickets

You can take out a subscription with a transport company in the VVO: Take out a subscription. Subscriptions are taken out for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. 

Monthly season tickets at the normal fare are transferable. The discounted monthly travel pass is personal and only valid with a customer card.

Abo-monthly pass prices and validity

  Validity Reduced Normal
Monthly subscription ticket
for the calendar month
1 fare zone1 3
(outside Dresden)
41,20 €9 54,10 €13
fare zone Dresden 50,30 €9 66,90 €13
2 adjacent fare zones3 74,00 €9 98,50 €13
1 fare zone3 + all bordering zones 110,90 €9 147,70 €13
VVO region 146,50 €9 195,30 €13

9am Abo-monthly pass prices and validity

The 9am Abo-monthly pass can not be used between 4am and 9am on Mondays to Fridays. At weekends and on bank holidays holders can use the 9am monthly pass with no time restrictions.

The 9am Abo-monthly pass is not available at the reduced rate.

  Validity Normal

9 o‘clock monthly
subscription ticket
for the calendar month;
not Mo - Fr 4 am - 9 am

1 fare zone1, 3

(outside Dresden)

47,60 €13
fare zone Dresden 57,80 €13
2 adjacent fare zones3 86,00 €13
1 fare zone3 + all bordering zones
128,80 €13
VVO region 171,10 €13

As at: 1 April 2024


Children up to their first day of school and severely disabled persons are transported free of charge in accordance with the provisions of the Social Code Book IX (Sozialgesetzbuch - Neuntes Buch - SGB IX). Pupils up to their 15th birthday can take advantage of the reduced fares with a customer card

1 or borderzone only according to fare regulations
3 according to ticket imprint
9 only valid with customer card

Many advantages with the monthly travel pass

An overview of Abo-customer benefits

Benefits of Abo-monthly and 9am Abo-monthly passes

The Abo-monthly and 9am Abo-monthly passes are not just cheaper than normal monthly passes – they offer several other benefits:

Bild: Ersparnis

Buy an Abo and save: With an Abo-monthly pass you save around 15 % compared with 12 “normal” monthly passes when bought in advance.

Bild Personen FamTaka

Ticket becomes family day pass: At weekends and on bank holidays, 2 adults and up to 4 schoolchildren below the age of 15 can use the Abo-monthly pass at the normal price between 6pm the day before to 6am the next day (9am Abo-monthly pass until 4am).

Bild: Ersparnis Fahrrad

Includes a cycle: With your Abo-monthly pass you can also take a cycle or dog with you, free of charge.

Bild: Weitergeben

Ticket is transferable: Your family, friends and acquaintances can use your pass at the normal fare price if you do not need it.

Bild: Freizeitplus

Leisure plus: With an Abo-monthly pass for the relevant tariff zone you can use the special VVO tourist services, i.e. the Bergbahns in Dresden, the narrow-gauge railways, the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway, the Bad Schandau elevator and the Meissen City Tour, as if they were normal transport options.

Advantage: Taking people with you - daily from 6 p.m. onwards

At weekends monthly, Abo-monthly and annual passes that are normally priced become family day tickets.

This means that you can be accompanied by one other adult and up to four schoolchildren aged below 15 in the applicable tariff zone.

This offer applies from Friday at 6pm to Monday at 6am (and on bank holidays from the evening before to the morning after).

With 9am passes from Friday at 6pm to Monday at 4am.

This does not apply on the special tourist services (Dresden Bergbahns: Funicular, Suspension Railway, narrow gauge railways: Radebeul–Radeburg Railway, Weisseritz Valley Railway, Meissen City Tour, Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway, Bad Schandau elevator, and on-call shared taxis).

Cycles, cycle trailers and dogs

Within the zones and times for which your pass is valid you may take a cycle, cycle trailer or dog free of charge.

Validity on special tourist services

There is a special leisure option for monthly pass holders:

If this season ticket is valid in the tariff zone(s) where

  • the Bergbahns in Dresden (Funicular Railway, Suspension Railway),
  • the narrow gauge railways (Radebeul–Radeburg and Weisseritz Valley),
  • the Meissen city tour,
  • the Kirnitzsch Valley Tramway and
  • the Bad Schandau elevator

operate, you may also use those special tourist services.

Price levels for passes

The VVO season ticket range is available in several price categories. The price is determined by the number of tariff zones travelled.

1 tariff zone (outside the Dresden tariff Zone)

1 tariff zone (as printed on the ticket)

Price Level A
Boundary area
(as printed on the ticket)

Price Level A1
Dresden tariff Zone

Price Level B
2 tariff zones
(as printed on the ticket)

Price Level C
1 tariff zone (as printed on the ticket) and all the surrounding tariff zones

VVO Area
Applies to your journeys throughout the entire network area.

Would you like to buy an Abo-pass?

Weitere Informationen

The VVO conditions of carriage and tariff regulations apply.

About becoming Abo-customer

Taking out a subscription is very easy. With some transport companies, you can simply take out and manage a subscription online.   

Use a subscription application in *.pdf format, then fill it out directly on your PC, print it out, sign where indicated and hand it in at one of the service points near you (by the 10th of the previous month at the latest) or send it to the address given on the application.

It is very easy to get an Abo-pass. Just fill in the appropriate form on the computer, print it out, and hand it in to your local service centre (by the 10th of the preceding month at the latest), or send it to the address indicated on the form.

Do you want to change your Abo-pass application? If so, please use the same form.

You can buy a subscription pass from the following VVO transport companies:

What do I need to bear in mind with reduced rate Abo-monthly passes?

The monthly pass at the reduced price is non-transferable. In addition to the monthly/Abo-monthly pass, your children will need a valid customer pass.

Young passengers of school age, trainees and students, can benefit from the reduced fare. The reduction also applies to the following people:

Monthly passes at the reduced price are available for pupils until 15th birthday inclusive, and to the following:

  1. Schoolchildren and students at public, state approved or state recognised private, general education schools, vocational schools, special schools, second-chance institutions, universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences, academies, except for administration academies, administration colleges and state adult education

  2. Individuals attending private schools or other educational institutions who do not fall within 1 above, providing they are free from their compulsory vocational school training obligation due to attending these schools or other educational institutions, or providing their attendance at such schools or other private educational institutions is eligible for funding under the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act

  3. Individuals who are doing courses at an adult education centre or other further education institution in order to retrospectively gain the certificate of secondary education or general certificate of secondary education

  4. Individuals who have a vocational training contract in the sense of the Vocational Training Act or have some other contractual relationship in the sense of Art. 26 of the Vocational Training Act, and individuals who are being trained in an institution outside any company-based vocational training in the sense of Art. 43 Para. 2 Vocational Training Act, and Art. 36 Para. 2 Handicrafts Act

  5. Individuals attending a state approved vocational training course

  6. Interns and volunteers, providing the fulfilment of an internship or voluntary service is intended before, during or after a state regulated education or a course at a college under the rules applying to the education and course

  7. Civil service candidates in the simple and middle service, and interns and individuals who first need to attend an administration course in order to qualify for admission as civil service candidates in the simple and middle service, providing their fares are not being reimbursed by the administration

  8. Anyone participating in a voluntary, social or ecological year, the Federal Volunteer Service, or similar social services

A customer pass is obligatory

Pupils, trainees and people doing voluntary service can only use the BildungsTicket (subscription), the AzubiTicket Sachsen (subscription) and reduced weekly, (subscription) monthly tickets with a valid customer card. As soon as you take out a subscription, you will receive both the ticket and a customer card by post.

Fill out the customer card completely, attach a passport photo and - if you are 15 years or older - get a stamp (confirmation) from your school or a transport company (with presentation of the training contract). Confirmation from the training company is not permitted.

The customer card is valid at the longest until the proven end of the training, but for a maximum of 3 years starting from the first confirmed day of validity. In the case of pupils whose customer card is only confirmed until the end of the school year, it is valid until the end of the subsequent Saxon school holidays.

For paper tickets, enter the first and last name in the field provided.

Options for combining with other tickets

In the VVO region, you can easily combine all tickets. The only exception is the 4-ride ticket for short journeys, whose sections you cannot combine.

Note on validity and stamping of tickets:

Single tickets are valid for an hour longer if they are stamped in the tariff zone for which you already have a day ticket or season pass. If you are travelling on local trains, you should stamp all the tickets you need for your journey before getting on any train at the platform.

If your journey begins in a tram or bus, then stamp the tickets after entering the vehicle. If there is a ticket inspection, please show all your tickets in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Examples of combination

Example: monthly pass + single trip

You use a monthly pass for the tariff zone Dresden and want to travel to Wehlen in one day? Then buy a single trip for a tariff zone for the onward journey in the tariff zone Pirna. Since you stamp the single ticket in the tariff zone Dresden itself, even though you still have a monthly pass there, it is valid for a longer duration. You then have two hours from the time of stamping to reach Wehlen.

Example: monthly pass + day ticket

You have a monthly pass for both the Radebeul and Dresden tariff zones and want to go hiking in Saxon Switzerland? Then you can additionally buy a day ticket for the Pirna and Bad Schandau tariff zones. Stamp these before boarding the suburban train and you can be mobile throughout the day.

Validity in 1st class

Abo-monthly passes and 9am Abo-monthly passes are only valid for travel in 2nd class. Holders of normally priced Abo-monthly passes may buy an additional weekly pass or an additional monthly pass to use 1st class in local trains.

  Validity normal

Weekly pass Upgrade
1st class

VVO region 10,00 €

Monthly pass Upgrade
1st class

VVO region 25,00 €

We also offer additional tickets for travel in 1st class on local trains for one-off journeys:

  Validity Reduced Normal
Day pass for using
1st class
1 fare zone3
until [time] next day
1,00 €2,4 2,00 €
Transport network region,
until [time] next day
2,00 €2,4 4,00 €

To change my Abo-monthly pass

Holder and address

The transport company should immediately be notified, in writing, of any changes involving the holder or address of the Abo-pass.

Zone Validity

The transport company should immediately be notified, in writing, of any changes involving the zonal validity. Please note that a change to zonal validity can only be processed a maximum of three months in advance. A charge will be made for changes to the Abo-pass (depends on the company, to a max. of 5 euros), for each replacement.

This does not apply to any changes which result from the loss of one's entitlement to use the Abo-pass currently in use.

Bank details

The transport company should be notified, in writing, of any changes to your bank details no later than the 10th of the preceding month.
Should your notification arrive later than this, the next debit will still be taken from the account currently in use. The Abo-pass or account holder will be responsible for any costs arising from this (e. g. payment reversals, return debit note).

Loss of entitlement to reductions

Should you wish to swap your reduced Abo-pass for a normal one, you should notify your transport company, in writing, by the 10th calendar day, at the latest, in the final month of use.

To cancel my Abo-monthly pass

In your own interest, you can cancel the agreement at the end of a calendar month. The transport company needs to receive the cancellation in writing by the 10th calendar day, at the latest, in the final month of use.

If the pass is cancelled within the first 12 months, an additional demand will be applied, with the Abo-monthly pass holder being treated as though they had purchased monthly passes at the normal price.

This additional demand will not be applied if the cancellation is due to a tariff change.

Should you lose your entitlement to a reduction, the agreement must also be cancelled.

Cancellations only come into effect and the debit is only stopped when the Abo-pass holder has returned the passes they still have (which were given to them) and settled any outstanding demands and charges.

All information is subject to Change.